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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the country, and also is home to a vast number of attorneys. With so many options to choose from, many people are confused as to how to pick the very best attorney for their case. There are a number of reasons why Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is the very best in the business. First and foremost, we have exclusively represented clients accused of criminal conduct for several decades. Additionally, we are not a “mill”, we work hard for every single client we represent as if they were the only client we represent.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we believe that practice makes perfect. Our goal is to provide perfect representation to each and every one of our clients, and we have pursued that goal since our inception as a law firm. Throughout the course of Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we have only represented clients facing criminal charges. Our dedication to our clients is reflected in our success.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer rejects what it views as an unethical business model, the “mill.” The “mill” law firms aggressively retain clients with promises of attention and dedication, only to hand those cases off to “appearance attorneys” who are not even attorneys with their firm. An “appearance attorney” is an attorney who is hired by a firm for a limited purpose, such as making appearances in court, or writing motions for a client. In extreme cases, the “mill” will take your money, pass the entire case off to another attorney, and pay them a fraction of the price you paid the mill initially. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer guarantees that the only people working on your case are the attorneys listed on “Our Team.” Every attorney at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer shares the same ideal of dedication to our client’s interests first and foremost. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer prides itself of providing superior service to our clients. Providing superior service involves being available to our clients, and keeping them informed.

It is no mystery that when an individual is facing criminal charges, it is a frightening experience for them. Once you have hired Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, you will receive your attorney’s personal cell-phone number as well as their private e-mail account. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer does not believe attorneys can obtain results simply by working 9-5, our attorneys are available all day, every day, to keep you informed and provide the information you need to know that your case is in capable hands.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer has several decades of combined experience representing clients against all forms of criminal accusations, and has obtained favorable results for many of our clients. If you or a loved one has been accused of criminal conduct, it is imperative that you contact Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer immediately.

There are a number of significant benefits to contacting Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer immediately after you have been arrested. The moment you are arrested, and often times before that, law enforcement agencies are attempting to gather evidence, which they will present at trial in order to obtain a conviction. Having a LACL attorney on your side will ensure that procedural requirements are met; if those requirements are not met, your attorney can fight to have that evidence excluded from trial. In many situations, the exclusion of critical evidence from trial will lead to a dismissal of all charges against you.

Another benefit is that by having a free initial consultation with Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer immediately after your arrest, you will be able to provide your attorney with all the information relating to and leading up to your arrest while it is still fresh in your memory. It is important for your attorney to have every piece of information, no matter how trivial; many defense theories turn on the minute details of the incident itself. As mentioned above, theft crimes have a substantial number of elements the Prosecution must prove in order to obtain a conviction. The more information your attorney is armed with, the better the outcome of your case will be.

Once your LACL attorney has gathered all the information, while it is still fresh in your mind, they will tailor a defense theory that is unique to you and your case. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer finds the concept of boilerplate defenses to be both ineffective and unethical. Once your attorney has handcrafted a defense to your case, they will meet with the District Attorney who has been assigned your case. At this meeting, your LACL attorney will present the basics of your case the District Attorney and attempt to persuade them to either dismiss the case against you, or reduce the charges against you.

In some situations, the District Attorney believes their case is too strong to reduce the charges or dismiss the case against you. Your case will then proceed to the jury trial phase of the process. A Defendant who contacts their attorney immediately after they have been arrested has also given that attorney ample time to perfect their theory of defense, as opposed to building it a few days before trial; this means your attorney has had time to explore every angle of the defense they have created for you. The attorneys at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer have decades of combined experience representing clients accused of criminal conduct in the courtroom, and have perfected the art of litigating in front of a jury. Combining LACL’s unparalleled skill in the courtroom with extensive preparation, your LACL attorney will provide the very best representation available in your criminal jury trial. In order to protect a Defendant who is facing criminal charges, it is essential to have an understanding of the elements of the crime the Defendant is being charged with.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer has obtained a 98.77% client satisfaction rating by adhering to our guiding principles: “Treat every client as if they are our only client.” At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, our entire defense team provides vigorous, zealous, and aggressive representation for every one of our clients. When you hire LACL, you are not just hiring a single attorney; you are hiring an entire law firm that shares the dedication to providing the very best representation possible. At LACL we have a highly trained team of private investigators, legal staff, and attorneys; every member of our team works together to prepare a defense that is unique to you and your case. We provide award winning legal representation throughout Los Angeles County.

If you or a loved one are under investigation for, been arrested for, or have been charged with criminal conduct, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is here to advocate for your rights and your freedom. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we exclusively represent clients who have been accused of committing a crime; we do not practice in civil law or bankruptcy. At LACL we have the resources, skill, and desire to investigate every case thoroughly ultimately providing you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome to your case. With several decades of combined experience in criminal defense, LACL has the ability to approach unique cases, and utilize “outside the box” thinking to accomplish outcomes that some would never have deemed possible. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we know that each case impacts the accused’s life in a unique manner, and we take the time to understand the impact this particular charge has on your life. The Chief Trial Attorney at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, Vincent Ross, has nearly 30 years of experience successfully representing clients accused of criminal conduct in Los Angeles.

A conviction in a criminal case can have a substantial impact on your life in the future. If you are charged with another crime in the future, a previous conviction could be introduced by the Prosecution to convince the jury that you probably committed this crime as well[i]. A criminal conviction will remain on your background, and will be discoverable by anybody who conducts a criminal background check. This frequently occurs when employers are attempting to screen applicants for possible employment with their company. Many employers view a previous conviction as a bar to employment. Certain crimes carry additional penalties as well, such as: registering as a sex offender, inclusion in the domestic violence of drug registry, enhanced penalties pursuant to the California Three Strikes Law, and much more.

Many Defendant’s feel like they are fighting a losing battle, the State has several departments dedicated exclusively to obtaining convictions on criminal charges, and a substantial amount of State resources are dedicated to that goal. It is important to have an experienced, killed, and dedicated attorney in your corner o fight for your rights, and your freedom.

A successful defense to criminal charges is often deceptively simple. In fact, most defenses are based on subtle nuances of criminal law, and require expert representation to execute the defense effectively. Rules and laws can vary between counties, and even courthouses. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer has extensive experience navigating the myriad of rules imposed by different counties and different court houses. LACL has experience interacting with the Prosecutors, Police Departments, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other Detective Agencies charged with pursuing criminal charges against the accused.

it is imperative that you contact Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer immediately if you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, or approached by a detective, a law enforcement officer, or anyone else asking questions about a crime, LACL begins hand crafting a unique defense for you and your case the moment you start your FREE initial consultation. In this consultation, we will examine the facts of your case, and the events leading up to it. In this initial consultation, LACL will attempt to highlight inconsistencies in possible accusations against you, whether protocol was followed, and investigate whether there were other errors in the case that may be brought against you. The advantage of having a firm that will thoroughly investigate the case against you is that LACL may uncover information which would lead to the exclusion of evidence. If evidence is inadmissible, the case against you may be dismissed.

Contact Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer immediately at 310-502-1314 for your free initial consultation. We thank you for taking the time to learn why Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is the best criminal defense firm around.

i This is known as “propensity” evidence, but is often introduced for the same purpose under different auspices.

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