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Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer: Where Hard Work and Experience Meet

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer (“LACL”) we know that to be a truly exceptional criminal defense attorney, that individual must have extensive experience in criminal defense. Experience alone is not enough to make an exceptional attorney though. The experienced attorney must also have an unparalleled work ethic; 8 hour work days are simply not enough to provide the caliber of representation LACL strives to provide every one of their clients. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, our team has substantial experience exclusively representing clients accused of criminal conduct. Our attorneys understand that the best way to assist our clients is to work non-stop on their behalf.

The supervising trial attorney at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, Vincent Ross, has nearly three decades of experience representing clients charged with all manners of criminal conduct. Mr. Ross has represented clients in criminal defense litigation exclusively throughout his entire professional career. Mr. Ross has represented clients in thousands of cases, and has a proven track record of success.

Mr. Ross obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law. After graduating from law school, Mr. Ross immediately began making an impact in the criminal defense attorney community. Mr. Ross has represented clients of all types against criminal charges, including Peace Officers, S.W.A.T. members, Department of Justice employees, and military personnel from every branch the United States Military.

There are several advantages to having representation by an attorney who is experienced with your local Courts. With nearly three decades of experience in Los Angeles, Mr. Ross has become familiar with the local Judges, Prosecutors, and State Witnesses. The benefit of this knowledge translates to favorable outcomes for our clients because Mr. Ross knows precisely how the Prosecutor values their case against you.

Of course, experience without more is not enough to provide the caliber of representation the community has come to expect from Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer. At LACL we pride ourselves on our exceptional commitment to each and every one of our clients. We are not a “law mill”, which is an industry term for a firm, which retains hundreds of clients, but outsources the work to other attorneys. At LACL only that attorneys listed on our “Team” page will work on your case; we do not hire “appearance attorneys” to represent our clients.

In addition to handling every case personally, we are one of the few criminal defense firms that has their own private investigator on their staff. This means that while Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is building a tailor made defense to your case, we will independently investigate every aspect of the Prosecution’s case against you; if there is something to find that will help your case, LACL will find it. A key component to successful representation is thorough preparation.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, our experience, knowledge, and hard work provides the best possible results for our clients. However, it takes more than experience, knowledge, and hard work to win a criminal case. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we pride ourselves on the skilled execution of the defense strategies we have prepared for our clients. Call Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer to experience the difference for yourself.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is Not, and Never Will Be, a “Mill.”

A frequent mistake individuals seeking representation against criminal charges make is retaining a “law mill.” A “law mill” is a criminal defense firm that focuses on aggressively retaining clients with promises they cannot follow through on. Once they have succeeded in retaining a client, and obtaining the client’s money, the client becomes a secondary concern; they do not aggressively defend their clients’ interests. Instead, the “law mill” takes the client’s money, and hires an individual known as an “appearance attorney” for a fraction of the cost. Frequently, these “appearance attorneys” are only retained to perform a portion of the tasks a dedicated attorney should be performing, but in extreme cases, a “law mill” will hire an attorney you have never even met to represent your entire case. The “law mill” is both unethical, and ineffective.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we decline to engage in the unethical and ineffective practices of “law mills.” Instead of taking short cuts, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer utilizes their extensive experience, and proven work ethic to provide top-tier representation to every single client we retain. At LACL we work on every case internally and personally, the only attorneys who will work on your case are the attorneys listed on our “Team” page above. This is a guarantee from LACL to you.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, our Work Day does Not Start at 9AM, and End at 5PM.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we know that actions speak louder than words; any law firm can claim to care about you and your case. Our dedication to our clients is proven by actions. LACL is different from other criminal defense firms; we do not clock into work at 9 in the morning, and clock out at 5 in the evening. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is always working to provide the very highest caliber of representation to our clients. When you call Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer for representation, you will be scheduled for a FREE consultation. Once you are confident that Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer can provide the best representation, you will receive your attorney’s personal cell phone number as well as their private e-mail. The LACL attorneys are available at all times to assist you with your case. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we know that our clients can’t put their lives on pause simply because they have been accused of criminal conduct; questions and issues may arise outside of the standard “9-5.” We pride ourselves on providing the very best service in the industry, and make ourselves available at all times to maintain that standard of service.

At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we know that our experience, dedication, and hard work are unmatched. We believe this so much that we stand by this statement: “If you can find another criminal defense firm, that is not a “law mill” and has 30 years of experience with a staff that is available all day, you should hire them.” This will not happen because Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer provides a truly unique caliber of representation.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer: A Criminal Defense Firm Built on a Bedrock Foundation on Zeal, Integrity, and Success

Over the course of nearly three decades, Vincent Ross has appeared on behalf of thousands of individuals accused on a variety of criminal acts. These criminal charges have ranged from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies, single Defendant cases to complex multi-Defendant white collar crimes, and charges where the penalty was probation to charges where the Defendant could face decades in prison. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer has provided the very best representation to their clients for nearly three decades, and take pride in the unparalleled skill with which we represent our clients in Los Angeles. As a result of our track record, we have gained the respect of Judges, Prosecutors, and other individuals in the legal community.

The reason we have earned the respect of the Los Angeles legal community, is our reputation. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, our reputation begins with our proven integrity. Every case LACL represents, I represented with professionalism. This means the attorneys at LACL are both firm and courteous at the same time. We negotiate with the Prosecutor faithfully, but we will not back down for the sake of coming to an agreement if it is not in our client’s best interest. Integrity is one of several things which are a critical aspect of a success; we have come to be recognized in Los Angeles as a firm that epitomizes professionalism and zealous representation. When Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer appears in Court, the Prosecutor knows they are in for a fight.

Other criminal defense firms frequently make a critical mistake of valuing professionalism and efficiency more highly than vigorous advocacy. A common reason for this mistake is a desire not to upset the Prosecutor or the Judge. In certain instances, this mistake is the result of a desire to avoid the amount of time it takes to prepare a strong defense and advocate vigorously and zealously. While these attorneys are both friendly and courteous, their approach often proves to be ineffective; if the Judge and the Prosecution know that your attorney will back down if they are pressed, why would they negotiate fairly?

We understand this mistake for what it is; this is why Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer approaches every case with the highest degree of professionalism combined with an unwavering dedication to our client’s best interests. Utilizing this approach for nearly 30 years, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer has not only become liked in the Los Angeles legal community, but RESPECTED. LACL will be professional in the Courthouse, but we will never be professional at the expense of our client’s best interests.

Over 30 years, we have come to take pride in our ability to balance the competing interests of professionalism and zealous advocacy; it is a bedrock principle that forms the basis of our undeniable success. Our success can be demonstrated by our 98.77% client satisfaction rating. Our perspective and understanding of these dueling interests is the foundation to our success. A success demonstrated over the course of nearly 30 years. A success illustrated in our 98.77% client satisfaction rating

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer: Not just “lawyers”, but “YOUR Lawyer.”

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, we understand that you are experiencing one of the most unnerving and terrifying times in your life. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we understand the immense confusion, stress, and pressure you are experiencing; facing criminal charges can leave the accused feeling helpless and afraid. At LACL we seek to minimize the stress our clients face by providing FREE initial consultations every day of the week. We take the time to meet our clients, get to know them and their desired outcomes, answer any questions, and make sure that you know that you are in good hands. All of this occurs before you have decided to retain us as your attorney because we know we are the very best.

Once we have accepted your case, our skilled attorneys will begin hand crafting a unique defense that is tailored to you and your case. We will actively keep you informed about the status of your case, and we will provide you with your attorney’s personal cell phone number as well as their private e-mail. At LACL our attorneys are there for you all day, every day; you will never be left to guess about what is happening in your case.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer knows how important open communication is to an individual who has been accused of a crime. The impact of criminal charges on the person accused, and their family, cannot be overstated. We strive to assist you in every aspect of the legal process, so that you can continue living your life knowing you are in good hands. We will answer every question you have about your case, and address every concern you have. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we want you to be just as confident as we are that you are receiving the very best legal representation available.

The Intake Process at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer.

Once an individual is introduced to the criminal justice system, it is understandably overwhelming. Once you have been accused of a crime, but before you choose to retain us, highly trained staff at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer will proceed through our “initial consultation stage.” This initial consultation will provide you with the chance to sit down and meet us face-to-face while we evaluate you your case, and obtain every piece of information we can in order to craft the strongest defense available. At this time, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer will assess what kind of penalties you can face, as well as the best course of action to take in an effort to avoid those penalties.

The impact of a criminal charge has a unique impact on each individual who has been charged; it can affect their jobs, background checks, security clearances, possession of firearms, and professional licenses. Since every case has a unique impact on our clients, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer takes the time to understand the potential consequences of this charge to our client, as well as our client’s individual goals. LACL meets every client individual before determining what can be done to provide the best results possible in any given case.

During your initial consultation, your attorney will provide basic legal advice on how to proceed. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer understands the stress our clients are under, and often provide step-by-step instructions to our clients on how to proceed while their case is ongoing. This is one of the many reasons why we insist that the initial consultation occur in person; this is the best way for the client to communicate their questions and concerns clearly. Initially, Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer prefers to avoid discussing our client’s case over the phone or outside the office. At LACL we want you to meet the team that will be vigorously advocating on your behalf, and provide an opportunity for you to get to know us.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer: We Encourage the Tough Questions

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, the accused should take the time to thoroughly research every attorney they are considering hiring. This is the attorney that will be tasked about protecting your freedom and your rights in Court. When researching which attorney is best suited to represent your interests in Court, we encourage you to ask the difficult questions. Many of these questions will increase your confidence that you are making the right choice. How many cases has the attorney appeared in? How many years has the attorney been practicing? How many years has your attorney been practicing criminal law? How many jury trials has your attorney conducted? How long has your attorney been practicing in Los Angeles? The answers to these questions will help give you a general idea of how experienced and skilled your attorney is. Research their reviews, AVVO ratings, and anything else you can find about your potential attorneys. We encourage people considering hiring Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer to review their attorney on the California State Bar website to see if they have ever been disciplined. Much of this information never comes up in an initial consultation. We are confident that once you have researched Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, you will know we are the best choice.

A critical part of our success in criminal defense litigation is that Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer exclusively represents clients accused of criminal conduct in Los Angeles. LACL does not handle civil cases. LACL has several decades of experience exclusively representing clients who are going through what you are going through, and over time we have perfected our craft. While it hiring an attorney to represent you is a critical first step, hiring the best attorney to represent you is the final step. Chief Trial Attorney Vincent Ross has represented thousands of cases, and has obtained superior results. When you hire Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, you are hiring more than just an attorney; you are hiring the entire law firm. LACL utilizes the combined experience of our attorneys, a legal staff with a proven track record, and private investigators to produce the strongest defense available to your case. We are client trusted and trial tested.

I Have Been Arrested, What Happens Next?

When an individual feels the handcuffs close shut, and here the audible “click” that accompanies that experience, it is a frightening and confusing time for that person. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, we understand that the very first question on your mind is “what happens next.” Starting from the moment you were stopped for the crime you were ultimately arrested for, everything is under a microscope by the Prosecutor. Everything you do or so can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case. Since everything you do can have an impact on the outcome of your case, it is critical that you contact Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer before you say, or do, anything that could affect your case; many cases can be lost before you have contacted an attorney.

Every step in the criminal justice process is an opportunity for Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer to defend your freedom and your rights. The difference in representation between an “average” attorney and a skilled LACL attorney could be the difference between freedom and a conviction.

While this article could not possibly discuss every aspect of the process, this article will discuss: (1) Arraignment, (2) Preliminary Hearings; and (3) Felony Sentencing. Having Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer on your side throughout the process can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

The “Complaint”

After you have been arrested, the District Attorney will receive all the information the arresting officer has compiled against you before, during, and after your arrest. If the District Attorney believes they have enough information to obtain a conviction for the crime were arrested for, the District Attorney will formally pursue a criminal case against you. To accomplish this, the District Attorney issue a “Complaint.”i The “Complaint” is the official document which sets forth the nature of the criminal charges you are facing. If the District Attorney believes the evidence they have obtained in not strong enough to obtain a conviction, they will either dismiss the charges against you, or offer a plea bargain for a reduced charge. Since the arresting officer rarely includes information in the report that would convince the District Attorney that they don’t have a case against you, the District Attorney usually comes to this conclusion after they have met with your attorney.

If you engaged in the initial consultation with Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, your attorney will have ample information to approach the District Attorney and avocation for a dismissal or reduction of charges. If this is successful, the District Attorney will not issue a “Complaint.” In the event the District Attorney issues the “Complaint” despite the information your LACL attorney provided them, you will then proceed to the arraignment phase of the criminal process.

The Arraignment

Once the District Attorney has issued a “Complaint”, you will attend a hearing where the Court informs you of the charges you facing, give you the opportunity to plead “guilty”, or “not guilty” i and bail will be set. The arraignment is not a full-blown trial, but having your LACL attorney present can have a tangible effect on the outcome of your case beyond merely protecting your rights.

The period of time between the issuance of the “Complaint” and your “Arraignment” is dependent on where you are when the “Complaint” is issued. If you are in custody when the “Complaint” is issued, your arraignment must occur The time between the filing of the “Complaint” and the arraignment depends on whether or not you are still in custody at the time the “Complaint” is issued. If you are in custody when the “Complaint” is issued, your arraignment must occur within 48 hours of your arrest.iii This requirement is found in the Speedy Trial Clause of the United States Constitution In the event you are not in custody when the “Complaint” the Speedy Trial Clause’s “unnecessary delay” requirement is less clear. Having your LACL attorney working for you at this time can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

There are significant consequences to the Prosecution’s case if they fail to provide you an “Arraignment” without “unnecessary delay.” You LACL attorney will bring the failure to comply with the Constitution, and force certain evidence to be excluded if it was obtained in violation of your Constitutional rights. If you confess to the crime as the result of the Unconstitutional detention, that confession must be excluded. Further, violation of your Constitutional rights could form the basis on a lawsuit against the arresting officer. In many cases, the loss of key evidence will result in the District Attorney becoming more open to dismissing the case altogether. Once you have pled “not guilty” the next stage in the process is the “Preliminary Hearing.” It is crucial that you have a skilled attorney representing you at this stage. At this point in the process, your attorney will begin obtaining all of the evidence the Prosecution will rely on in order to obtain a conviction against you in a jury trial. Having all of the Prosecution’s evidence, paired with their intimate knowledge of your case, your LACL attorney will begin building a defense against every aspect of the case against you.

Preliminary Hearing: An Opportunity to Challenge the Prosecution’s Case

Once the case has progressed to this point, the criminal process is in full swing. This is why it is important to have truly exceptional representation. At Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, all of our attorneys are truly exceptional.

The “Preliminary Hearing” is also known as a “probable cause hearing.” At this stage the Prosecution produces all of the evidence they have against you, and seeks to persuade the magistrate that: (1) a crime was committed, and (2) the crime was committed by you. If the magistrate overseeing the hearing is convinced by the Prosecution’s evidence, you will be “held to answer.” If the Prosecution fails to persuade the magistrate of those two facts, the case against you will be dismissed, and the process is complete; you are a free person.

The burden the Prosecution must meet at the “Preliminary Hearing” is not as high as the burden the Prosecution must meet at a criminal jury trial. As such, you will likely be “held to answer.” At this point however, your LACL attorney will receive all evidence the District Attorney has in support of their allegation that you have committed a crime. Additionally, your LACL attorney will receive what is known as “exculpatory evidence”, this is information that has a tendency to show that you did not commit the crime you are accused ofiv. Failure to provide this information is a violation of your Constitutional rights, and can form the basis of a dismissal of the charges against you, or a mistrial. Having skilled representation will increase your chances of a fair case against you, thus increasing your chances of a favorable verdict. Utilizing this exculpatory evidence, your LACL attorney will add to the defense they have hand crafted for you and your case.

A “preliminary hearing” is a trial on a much smaller scale, with a much lower burden on the Prosecution. Your LACL attorney will fight to exclude evidence that was either improperly obtained, or violates one of the rules of evidence. Your LACL attorney will challenge the testimony of witnesses by exposing them to vigorous cross-examination; this will lock them to their story, making it difficult to say something different at trial. The exclusion of evidence and the cornering of testifying witnesses can have a profound impact of what the jury hears at your trial. In turn, by controlling the evidence the jury will receive, your LACL attorney can set the stage for a favorable outcome to your case.

Once the “Preliminary Hearing” has concluded, the magistrate who oversaw the hearing will render a decision about whether or not the Prosecution has provided enough evidence to proceed with a jury trial. This decision is based on the weight of the evidence, credibility of the witnesses, and the resolution of any conflicting evidence. Having competent counsel at your “Preliminary Hearing” will have an observable impact on how the jury trial proceeds, or if you are “held to answer” in the first place.

If the magistrate holds you to answer, the case will proceed to a jury trial. This article will not discuss every phase and nuance of a criminal jury trial, but it is essential to have an attorney who is experienced and skilled in presenting a case persuasively to a jury. At LACL, our attorney pride themselves on their skill in front of a jury. The next section addresses the unfortunate, but possible, outcome of your case; a conviction.

How Can Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Help if You are Convicted?

Some cases simply cannot be won, even with the best attorneys. Your attorney can still obtain a more favorable result to your case by advocating for a lesser sentence. As a result of their involvement in your case from your arrest to the sentencing phase, your attorney may have excluded critical evidence, which would form the basis of an enhanced charge. Additionally, your attorney will advocate what are known as “mitigating circumstances.” “Mitigating circumstances” are pieces of information that suggest that while the Defendant committed the crime they were convicted of, it wasn’t severe enough to warrant harsh punishment; this is what our skilled attorneys bring to the Courtroom; Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer will not stop advocating for you and your rights.

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